Paul Evans jazz trumpet England. Started to learn the trumpet at the age of seven and by the time he was eighteen had played in most of the major concert halls in Europe. He moved on to Jazz trumpet in his mid twenties
whilst touring the world on cruise ships and  it wasn’t until he arrived in Spain that he headed towards jazz.
Paul Evans has had a very varied career ranging from theatre to jazz, and has played with the likes of Perico Sambeat, Mark Nightingale, Soledad Gimenez, .
Having been into jazz for few years he started to take influence from some of the great jazz trumpeters:
Wynton Marsalis, Miles Davies, Chet Baker, and Clifford Brown. It was then he met Jim Rotundi and with that  he turned  a corner, which turned him into one of the top jazz trumpeters in Spain and Europe.
You are listening to  Anwsers on a Postcard the latest cd  with  some of the finest jazz musicians in the Valencia province. The CD  includes  original tracks written by Paul, Jeff Jerolaman and Peter Guscott who are also performing on the CD with Tony Berenguer, Latino Blanco, Jordi Vila and Jordi Frances.